duminică, 11 octombrie 2009

Vfor Vintage.photos+impressions.

skinny bunny's


had it's cool+funny moments ..like the moment when i was surrounded by girls that where all trying on my dresses[and a pair of trousers] all at oance.wich was a bit of a challange:))so these dresses found owners:
green rabbitleavingfloating
so did this pair of trousers:
Trousers avec lapins
And i was very surprised[mostly because i did them as an experiment at first],but very pleased that people where into the'romanian inspired colection:
for them hippies:)))
and a girl took home this blouse:
RO 2
and finally the Batman poncho and the gray dress found a home!
BATcape.pre fair mayhem
and so on,i'm not gona do a shopping list here.ha.ha..though it couldn't be compared to the last fair[ehhh recesssion,fighting the 'vintage giant'-though i have mixed feelings about that because i sometimes customize vintage pices..so i'm sorta inbetween as usual ahaha- and so on.....]i can't really really complain that much either.it was o.k.

AND i'd like to say thank you to all of them above and to others not mentioned for showing up,taking stuff home or just for beeing lovley company[visitors and neighbours included]!!
this is how we do it:
412 82526301

some photos with people and stuff from the fair[click on any of them for more]:

girlsgirlsdummiesstrongnessa bunch of people accidentally cramed in one snapshoot.
tutu hostessses taking over the skinny bunny stand.ha.ha,girloana privat area

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