duminică, 25 octombrie 2009

Photos Skinny bunny@the clothes next door.

Skinny bunny's rack 'o'stuff:
Skinny bunny stufff@the clothes next door
MJ thrills
with tha family:

dawg and outside the tent:
dog:)out 2out 3girls out 1
inside the tent+lunch:
get down crazy!
meh eating
Iulia and her Takeaway bags:
Iulia and her Takeaway bags
What i meant by 'some for the better':
monster lab
AND finally here's the keyboard broche i told you guys about.any idea?
well it was rather chilly from one point on...and that's all i'm gona say about it.or mabey i'll just add that just because you CAN mix all that music together it dosen't necesarrrrly mean that you should senior dj.haha.
it's flatteering to see more and more people doing t-shirts with hand drawning and stiched on. some for the better...and some for the worse,but that's life:)
..also thanks to all of those who got stuff from us!..i'm glad the red dress found a home.finally and the accordion +tuba t-shirt will be rightfully apreciated,,the rain boots that i had just painted on a day before..so on:)
and i'd love to know how the label[no cards or label] i got my keyboard broche from at the fairs is called-if you know ,help?-
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