vineri, 9 octombrie 2009

the Romanian costume inspired series.

that i will bring tomorow at V for vintage...
it's loosley based on traditional romanian shapes and patterns.i think the original is so beautiful that if you try and copy it exactly you'd only fail.
that beeing said what i did is i used natural fabrics,shades of red,white , brown and used some of the caracteristics of traditional patterns[geometrics,repetition..]in order to create a drawing motif of my own.wich is a stylised eye.and you could say it's also based on the romanian saying'having eyes on your back'[or something like that for yah english folk hmmm haha]
sure about
for the shapes i used the simplest possible patterns square,triangle and rectangle
in order to create a blouse,a dress,a skirt,a cape,a bag,a long cape and leggings.

-the blouse:

-the dress[wich is probably my favorit of all:

-the small cape-blouse and the long cape[i'm not that satisfied with the long cape and i think i'll do it again in a thiker fabric,but this one will do for now]:

-the skirt[wich isn't showcased well here because it needs to be worn by someone,but there's no one available at the time:))

-the bag and the leggings:

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