miercuri, 26 mai 2010

Skinny Bunny spring Lookbook:)

the idea behind these was how i would translate my drawings of certain caracters or figurines[in 2D] to items of clothing[in 3D]
and most of the drawings are portraits-faces in a very stylised fashion.
mostly dresssessss,t-shirts,shirts and capes and belts.
...initially i was going to use only blue for this colllection,but than i've added red,white and black to lighten things up.
also all the items are sewed as if inside out,finished-unfinished,most of the items can be worn in more ways than one ,change ,even have 2 faces[like the cape-one blue/one black]...
makingofff photos here:
http ://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9675&id=100000403190748

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