luni, 31 august 2009

BIke-In Bike-In..

fun.mostly.bikes.cookies.the place is really nice too.3 is a crowd.especially on a tinny parc bench.aherhahammoki'mgoingthan. so i moved my stander with the stuff where all the other crafters where:
-alexandra with the skinny bunny things:

-the other crafters:

-Even did some of that live drawing on one particular t-shirt:
a)step 2 out of 5
b)step 4 out of 5

.wich made more sense anyways,but no harm done.hanging out with Cristina from Kitten and the girls from Burp is always fun so yeeeyeah.thanks to the 2 vistitors that actually showed up [from the 50 confirmed ones,haha] Alexandra and Dinu.took cards..or pre bought[no you didn't see miss Dana Rogoz taking this dress from me right at the very end of the show:

rezumat in ro..a fost amuzant:)

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