duminică, 5 aprilie 2009


all and all ei good time,though i'd change the looping music playlist next time...who thought they would play 'makarena'-to mention just one of the horrid songs looped from 10-19p.m....but i must mention they changed to one Suede song,the knife and moloko at one point..- 4 times?christ!other than that no complaints the fair was very nice and everyone was cool ,calm and nice aswell. if only a bit crowded,but that is to be expected.
Also thanks to all the people that got a skinny bunny t-shirt,skirt,dress etc:)or just showed up and said hi at one point!

Kim and Alexandra came to help me in the morning.thank you!
Kim si Alexandra

the Skinny bunny stand:
the stand before moving it around..actually really smiling.

carefully crafted Skinny Bunny sign and morning face:

Lovley neighbours and lots of other people too:
my neighbours.
lookin to the right of you and also looking  back.looking rightinfront of you.

and my brother got me the best present ever-unless the a real live tunned-an accordion badge from the fair.YAY:
Accccordion pin!!!

PS:i just wish that people who don't even say to me-or ask if-,but just pass by and say"oh yesss but you know at the first wash the paint will go away'would just puffff diiiissapear.or less radicaly,haha, i wish that they would finally understand that THE PAINT DOSEN"T WASH OFFFFFF..how in christs name do you think i would even concive giving tthings away to people if the paint would wash of?.
rant halt.

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